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n this page you find data on local housing solutions.

We present the first eddition of the Book of Houses series :

Book of Houses -1
Primarily, a house is a place that offers protection from the outside influences such as climate and danger, a space that provides privacy and comfort for the inhabitants to stay safe and with dignity inside it.
After meeting the basic needs, the spacial and esthetic's requirements are added to the qualities of a house. The choice of the shape and material of a house depends on the location, climate, available materials, local culture and financial sources. Shelterexpert.org presents hereby the first edition of the on-line Book of Houses. level of luxury and location are the criteria for the different categories: A house that meets the basic needs and a house that meets the most luxury requirements
In this study we present Case studies on innovative emergency shelters, traditional housing in Afghanistan, tiny houses initiatives and camping sites and 20 examples of architectural traditional design Persian houses for the upper-class in the Safavit and Gajar period. Shelterexpert.org invites you to contribute by uploading or emailing data, photographs, description of houses where you have lived or that you have studied.

Pleae contact us to receive a digital copy of the book of houses.